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Children Prepare For Exciting Futures In A Stimulating,
Diverse Community

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Play & Learning

Children Prepare For Exciting Futures In A Stimulating, Diverse Community

Preschool | 3 - 4 Years | Serving Laurel, Maryland

Social-Emotional Skills For Happy Relationships

Your child’s teachers use Non-Violent Communication™ and Redirection techniques to help them build the self-regulation and social-emotional awareness they need to manage their feelings and express themselves in the classroom and at home.

Prepping For Pre-K With An Engaging Program

With the InvestiGator Club® curriculum, your child becomes a super-sleuth making discoveries every day. Music, art, and exciting STEAM activities ignite their imagination as they tackle essential milestones like naming shapes, counting to ten, and learning to write their name.

Degreed Teachers Steer Kids Towards Success

Highly qualified teachers prepare fun and stimulating activities specifically designed for your preschooler’s transition to Pre-K and beyond. They build strong relationships with your family and use their expertise to guide your child’s early learning.

Virtual Experiences Enrich Their Learning

Your preschooler discovers wonders around the world and expands their learning through virtual field trips. Their creativity and curiosity run wild as they explore museums, enjoy galleries, and giggle along with puppet shows.

Keeping Healthy And Strong With Zumba®

Physical activity is an essential part of your child’s growth and development. Fun-filled, action-packed weekly Zumba® classes help them connect to their bodies, stay energized and develop a love of movement.

Outdoor Play Builds Strong Bodies

A fun-filled outdoor playground awaits, encouraging your little one to climb, run and explore with confidence. Children build physical strength as they interact with climbing structures, conquer the bike trail, and lovingly tend to the nearby garden.

We Work When You Work:

Open Year-Round

From 6.30 AM - 6.00 PM, Mon. to Fri.

Preschool Updates Are Just A Click Away

Hear all about your little one’s adventures and achievements with the easy-to-use Procare Connect© app. Thanks to its direct access to teachers, you’ll enjoy regular updates throughout the day, including photos, videos, and more.

ALICE-Trained Staff & Police On-Site For Safety

Security is a top priority, so your child can be their best with no stress. ALICE-trained staff, on-site police, a secured fence, and surveillance cameras protect everyone, and only authorized staff and parents with special access cards can enter the premises.

On-Site Cleaners Will Keep Spaces Sparkling

Your child learns, grows, and plays in a germ-free space. A team of professionals disinfects the center daily, using industry-grade products and electro-static spraying to protect everyone’s health.

Nutritious Meals Cater To Your Family’s Needs

Relax with one less thing to worry about with nutrient-rich fresh meals included at no extra cost. Our on-site cook prepares personalized meals, including vegan, vegetarian, and kosher options to keep your child healthy and fueled.

Maryland EXCELS Denotes High-Quality Teaching

As your preschooler approaches kindergarten, a commitment to excellence is more critical than ever. As partners of Maryland EXCELS, we show our dedication to high-quality early education and follow the highest standards for your child.

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