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Your Child Discovers Their Best Self As A Part Of Their Preschool Community

Happy Hearts

& Bright Minds

Your Child Discovers Their Best Self As A Part Of Their Preschool Community

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As One-Stop Shop For Busy Parents, We Offer:

Diversity Cultivates Their Successful Global Mindset

In a diverse environment, your child becomes part of an inclusive school family. Everyone is welcome; children develop an openness to learning and cultural awareness that serves them as they learn to navigate the world.

A Successful Global Mindset Teaches Children To:

Letting go of the fear that comes from stepping out of what is known, letting go of an ethnocentric attitude to adopt a more inclusive mindset, a learning mindset.
Being open to step out of your comfort zone to explore and learn about a new culture in a way that goes beyond being tolerant, but instead proactively looking for the opportunity to apply those learnings.
To be able to combine openness and awareness of diversity across cultures and embrace such differences. The goal is to understand what drives behavior, tradition, custom, etc. Children learn and understand common patterns across cultures.
It is vital to be able to navigate the various customs and cultural differences, geopolitical and economic climates, cultural conditions, and expectations. Children will make decisions in a way that is culturally sensitive and takes advantage of the potential opportunities that these differences bring.

Tenured Teachers Who Feel Just Like Family

Expect consistent care and support from familiar, qualified teachers who are 100% dedicated to the center and the children in their care. When you entrust your precious child with our team of early education experts, you know they will love them like their own.

Creative Thinkers & Problem-Solvers Start With:

Our Parent Advocacy Board Means You Have A Voice

Get involved in your child’s early education with the opportunity to sit on our Parent Advocacy Board and be part of the team that shapes their learning program. Studies show that parent participation boosts children’s long-term academic performance.

Never Miss A Moment With Our Convenient App

Get regular updates from your child’s teacher throughout the day via Procare Connect©. The easy-to-use app gives you direct access to photos, videos, and news on all your child’s exciting activities and progress.

We Work When You Work:

Open Year-Round

From 6.30 AM - 6.00 PM, Mon. to Fri.

ALICE-Trained Staff & Police On-Site To Protect Your Child

Rest easy knowing your child is safe in all scenarios. On-site police provide round-the-clock protection, and all staff complete ALICE Training®, a widely adopted, effective method of active shooter response should the unthinkable happen.

Your Child Builds Their Social-Emotional Toolkit

Loving teachers guide kids with encouragement and support to develop social and emotional skills for life success. A combination of Nonviolent Communication™ and Redirection techniques help children develop crucial emotional intelligence.

In an environment that rejects the languages of blame, judgment, and coercion, children learn to use Compassionate Communication. 

  • The NVC language process offers 3 options for connecting: self-empathy, self-expression, and showing empathy. 
  • Children focus on 4 steps: Observations, Feelings, Needs, and Requests.

With shared power and communicative interactions, everyone has their needs met. 

Teachers use 4 types of redirection to help kids stay on track:

  • Verbal: A simple instruction guides a child to appropriate behavior.
  • Physical: A simple instruction combined with a gentle touch interrupts challenging behavior and redirects the child.
  • Cues: A picture or gesture paired with an instruction steers a child back on track.
  • Attention: The focus turns to a nearby child who is behaving appropriately. 

Teachers use these techniques to model and guide behavior to help children develop self-regulation and self-control. 

An Engaging Curriculum Supports Their Kindergarten-Readiness

Your bright little learner has a natural curiosity, and the InvestiGator Club® curriculum ignites it through music, art, dramatic play, stories, games, and experiments. Exciting weekly themes introduce math and literacy concepts to instill a passion for learning.

Virtual Adventures Ignite Imaginations

Growing minds get inspiration from virtual learning experiences that introduce new worlds and ideas. As curriculum-based field trips whisk your child virtually to museums and galleries worldwide, they expand their horizons and become familiar with vital technological skills.

Expect Continued Learning Throughout Summer Months

A year-round program means the fun doesn’t stop. In-house activities include water play days and virtual field trips to keep your little learner engaged and giggling through summer. Constant inspiration gives kids a boost before they start or return to school.

Yes, We Offer A Year-Round Program So That Your Family Can Sail Through Summer!

Happy, Healthy Outdoor Play With Scenic Views

Your child builds confidence and physical skills in safe, age-specific outside spaces. With a pretty pond as a backdrop, they master the bike trail and climbing frame, and learn about new life as they tend their garden for a lifelong love of the outdoors.

Customized, Healthy, And Delicious Meals

Whatever your child’s needs, they get tasty, healthy meals every day. Vegetarian, vegan, and kosher options are all available, and an on-site cook prepares every nutritious dish so you know they are fed, fueled, and happy.

Safety And Security Are Our Top Priorities

Your child is in safe hands, protected by on-site police and teachers with CPR and ALICE Training®. Restricted access controls keep entrances secure, a fence surrounds the playground, and internal and external security cameras keep watch.

On-Site Cleaners For A Sparkling, Healthy Clean

The on-site housekeeping team has enhanced the already-rigorous cleaning regime with electro-static techniques and professional-grade child-safe products to keep your child’s spaces sparkling and germ-free.

frequently asked questions

We are open from 6.30 am to 6.00 pm and only close during federal holidays to support working parents. We offer full-time as well as emergency backup care for all parents.

INFANTS: 6 weeks – 16 months

TODDLERS: 16 – 36 months

PRESCHOOL: 3 – 4 years

PRE-K: 4 – 5 years

A team of passionate early childhood educators cares for your child. All staff members are First Aid/CPR-certified and have a wide range of qualifications, including SIDS/Shaken Baby Syndrome, health & wellness, and safety, as well as MSDE child care credentials, CDA, AA, and BA.
This practical active shooter training gives staff proactive options-based strategies that help them feel empowered to prevent, mitigate, respond to, and recover from a violent critical incident. All our team undergoes ALICE Training® for your child’s safety.
Yes! Our on-site cook prepares breakfast, lunch, and snacks every day to suit your dietary requirements. All meals are nut-free, developmentally appropriate, and follow USDA standards for healthy eating for infants and toddlers.
We use age-appropriate programs within the Investigators Club® curriculum and offer on-site enrichments.
Our tuition rates are highly competitive! We offer discounted rates for all WSSC employees, children, and grandchildren. We also offer discounts for siblings. Payments can be made via ACH using Tuition Express.
Positions on the Parent Advocacy Board are open to WWSC employees and parents with enrolled children. The board elects members via a democratic voting process.

Yes, We Offer Tuition Support Options

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